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Actionable Consumer Insights


If you’re looking for the authority on consumer trends in Atlanta, Wichita, Spokane, or any other locality in the country, you’ve found it. Need a national consumer perspective? It’s here. How about insights on consumer attitudes, or special customer segments? Done. Maybe just a quick statistic or two about a particular business? You got it.

Scarborough, now a Nielsen service, surveys more than 210,000 people across the country to capture local consumer trends. We extend this information with services that enhance, integrate, and further illustrate the consumer story you are interested in telling. With an array of data, insight and analytic services, we help our customers tackle marketing and media challenges. And, Nielsen operates at the speed of business. We know your challenges can’t wait, and we strive to build products and solutions that meet your needs and properly reflect the “here and now” of consumers.

Nielsen Scarborough boasts a team of the best and brightest research, analytics, sales and customer service and training personnel in the industry. We seek out top-notch staff to create unsurpassed products and services as well as to educate and support our clients every step of the way. Our product lines and services that span data, insights, analytics, segmentations and custom research.


As a leader in consumer research, Nielsen Scarborough has been measuring media, retail and lifestyles on a national and local level for over 40 years. Our methodologies vary by local market and are highly regarded in the market research industry. Nielsen Scarborough measurement tactics include phone interviews, survey booklets, television diaries and internet surveys. To learn more about the specific methodology that we employ in your market, please visit the local market pages.

Modern Measurements

We have eyes and ears in neighborhoods across the country to capture what matters most to consumers today. This information is reflected in our measurements – insights you can use to target your desired customers. With seemingly endless details about local consumer shopping habits and media preferences; technology adoption and social media usage; demographics, voting patterns and more; Nielsen Scarborough local insight measurements go well below the surface of a specific consumer audience to reveal what matters most to them. And, because we focus on the locals, these insights reflect retail, restaurant, grocery, and other brands present in the consumer’s city.