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Express Analytics

Insights a la Carte

Bringing the local market to life has never been faster or easier. Our Express Analytics team delivers customized solutions and reports. It’s a powerful a la carte menu everything from custom data reports to PowerPoint presentations and infographics to in-depth analysis. And your solution customized on a local, regional or national level can dive deep into demographics, lifestyles, shopping patterns, retail behaviors, technology usage and media preferences.


Media Profile

Uncover multi-media behaviors. These comprehensive reports can help drive media planning and deliver insights to help refine marketing strategies.

Multi-Market Ranking

Pinpoint the top markets for your product or service. You can determine what areas provide the highest markers of virtually any criteria – from demographics to shopping patterns and preferences.

Local Market Analysis

Take a deep dive into a local market and find out what makes its locals unique. Local Market Analyses are customized, so you can examine consumer insights relevant to your needs.

Market Trends

Track the major trends in your industry. This critical analysis shines a light on historical patterns and helps you find indicators for future consumer behaviors.

Multicultural Target Insights

Discover vital information about the behaviors and preferences of Hispanic and African-American consumers. This helps you build truly relevant marketing strategies for multicultural audiences.

Competitive and Marketplace Analysis

Gauge your place in the market. Examine where else your customers are shopping and gain a better understanding of your competition.

Attitudinal Insights

Delve deep into consumer attitudes on advertising, health, technology, food and more. You’ll get powerful insights that enhance the understanding of your target audience – from attitudes to purchase behavior.


Consulting Process Overview

Pricing & Payment

Pricing depends on the depth of data and number of markets you request. Some of our reports start as low as $350. Once we outline your report specifications, we’ll provide you with a price quote specific to your solution. You are invoiced accordingly.

Service & Support

Speedy. That’s how we operate. A standard report typically takes around 2-3 days. But your turnaround time will depend on the project depth or complexity. Once we’ve outlined the specifications of your report and you’ve approved them, we’ll deliver an exact timeframe. When you receive your report, one of our experienced analysts will be available to walk you through everything to make sure you understand the data and its interpretation.

Trending Data

Data can be trended based on the historical availability of the category.

Format & Licensing

Your reports are emailed in an Excel spreadsheet (data only), or Word or PowerPoint presentation format (with analysis). Determining your format is part of the specifications discussion. Just note that additional charges are applied for Word/PowerPoint formats with analysis.

The data you receive is licensed only to your company. You may present the data within your organization or outside your organization for sales or marketing efforts, but you cannot mass distribute the reports in their entirety. Of course, purchased Nielsen Scarborough reports are strictly prohibited from being resold or re-purposed in another product.

Ordering a Report

To order a report, please email or call a salesperson. CONTACT US »