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Free Market Highlights
Media Habits Of The Single White Female Voter
June, 2016
While traditional media still holds strong for the Single White Female Voter, the importance of digital in reaching this key voter segment can been se
Main Street: Not Mainstream
September, 2014
Automotive is the top spending category for smaller markets, but consumers' auto needs vary by market.
Local Watch Report- PBS Edition
May, 2014
Like many other media outlets, PBS content can be accessed almost anywhere at any time. It is critical to better understand consumer behavior regarding where people are most likely connecting with PBS.
10 Ways to Make Smarter Bets on Casino Visitors
September, 2013
Understand how to reach Casino Visitors whether they prefer table games to slots, comedy shows to Pro-Boxing, beer to wine and much more.
OMG! Is Your Medium Reaching Millennials?
November, 2012
In addition to the database of Millennial research used, Scarborough interviewed Millennial staffers whose thoughts and opinions are featured throughout the study. 
A Look Into Atypical American Banking
May, 2012
This study further explores Superbanked and Unbanked Consumers, explaining marketing strategies that might be most effective when targeting these groups.
A Look at the American Auto Market
March, 2012
This study examines the essential details about Domestic New Vehicle Owners and provides ideas for how to target consumers like them.
All About the Super Greenies
August, 2011
Marketers have taken notice of the green movement by offering more green-focused goods and services.
Retired for Hire
March, 2011
An exploration of the lives of the Retired for Hire.
Teen Mall Shopping Insights
June, 2009
This study was designed to explore teens' attitudes and opinions about malls and advertising found within the mall.
Dining Out is Quintessentially American
July, 2006
This study profiles frequent quick service restaurant diners and frequent sit-down restaurant diners.