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Nielsen Scarborough provides data and market research information to members of the press for editorial purposes. Nielsen Scarborough research data shared with reporters is not intended to be used for the sale of advertising or for any other sales purpose. This section will provide you with a brief tutorial about how to read and source our data.

Ways to use Nielsen Scarborough research data in your story

Our data lends itself to editorial as we can give you the hard numbers to help support your argument. Use Nielsen Scarborough to:

  • Incorporate statistics into the text of a story
  • Emphasize important facts and figures with charts and graphics
  • Include expert commentary from any of our experts. Nielsen Scarborough has a full roster of executives whose expertise in sociology, retail behaviors, sports marketing and multiple other business categories.

Sourcing Nielsen Scarborough research data

There are several ways to source our research data:

Using a Number

If you are including a number as part of the editorial of a story, you can refer to Nielsen Local Insights in text. For example , “According to Nielsen Scarborough, 45% of Internet adults with broadband connections at home shopped for airline tickets online in the past year.”

Including Statistics

If you are including several Nielsen Scarborough  statistics in a call-out box or other graphical representation, please cite us as your source. In order to be comprehensive, it’s advisable to also list the study and data collection dates. For example: SOURCE: Nielsen Scarboough USA+ Release 2 2013


Definitions: If you want to include definitions for Index, Target Percentage or any other measurements, you can use those listed below.

Study describes the Nielsen Scarborough study that the data is drawn from.
This varies depending on the report.

Release notes the dates we were in the field collecting data for the report.

Base is the consumer type or activity the study focuses on (i.e. internet users, television viewers). Categories are items of examination (shopping patterns, local market ranking, demographic listing, etc.).

Total Percent is the percent of consumers in the base that fall into a certain category.

Target Percent is the percent of consumers within the base who fall into a certain category.

Index is a measurement of a consumer’s likelihood to engage in the target category.
An index of 100 is par with the national average. Anything above 100 is above average, and the index is always comparing the target percentage to the base.

Nielsen Scarborough Reports

Upon your request for Nielsen Scarborough market research data, our team of research analysts will compile a report into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The graphic below describes how to read the spreadsheet.

Study Study Study Study Study Study Study Study