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Nielsen is not a one-size fits all company.

We recognize the unique business challenges that our customers face and offer creative and customized insight solutions support their needs and help them discover new growth opportunities. Below are the types of services we offer. 


Scarborough is now a Nielsen service.  The data measurements from Nielsen Scarborough local insights help target your customers and speak in a language that matters most to them. Examine consumer habits in various areas such as retail, media, grocery, automotive, sports and more. Knowing about your customers will give you a better understanding of the marketplace and your competitors, so you can develop strategies that highlight your brands strengths and reach the right clientele.To see a full list of measurements, visit our Measurements page.

Consumer Insights

Local market studies from Nielsen help you understand the shopping patterns, thoughts and feelings of local across the U.S. that can also be leveraged into an impressive national study. If you’re looking for a snapshot of local data, our Quick Reference section provides that service and more. We also offer diverse sports measurements that get down to sports, teams and leagues to discover your fans as well as Hispanic focused studies and a full local market report on Puerto Rico.For more detailed information on our data, visit our Consumer Insights page.

Enhanced Data Services

Nielsen completes the whole picture of your target consumer by partnering with quality data providers to offer extended insights that go beyond our Nielsen local insights studies. Such enhanced data sets include our Attitudinal Module that combines attitudinal data points with Nielsen local and national databases and Segmentation Systems that allow you to create consumer groups based off of similar tastes, lifestyles and behaviors.For more information on any of these offerings, visit our Enhanced Data Services page.

Delivery Platform

Nielsen's PRIME Lingo® software delivers local and national insights in a variety of reports that help shine a light on your audience and tell your best story. Our user-friendly software is your tool to leverage Nielsen local insights with simplified features without sacrificing the ability to perform in-depth analytics.For more information about Nielsen's PRIME Lingo Software, visit our Delivery Platform page.

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