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Consumer Insights

If you have a consumer insight need, we have a solution.

Consumers today want more than just to hear from you – they want you to build relationships and engage with them. By selecting the right media mix, producing creative that resonates and being strategic in your marketing, consumers reward you with their loyalty. Scarborough, which is now a Nielsen service, can support these endeavors whether you’re looking for a quick stat or a full, in-depth analysis. 

We have information on the shopping patterns, media behaviors, detailed demographics and distinctive lifestyles of the American consumer which can be delivered to you on a local, regional or national level. With over 2,000 measured categories and brands, there is a multitude of possibilities to help meet your unique brand challenges.


U.S. Local Market Studies

Localism is hot right now, but Nielsen Scarborough has been doing it for years. Get to know your locals using our 120+ Local Market Insights Studies. More than just geography, localism is about being able to understand the shopping, media, and lifestyle that people hold about the places they call home. Nielsen understands the different local flavors between markets, getting down to the local and regional brand. These Consumer Insight Studies allow you to dive deep into local market-specific brands and media choices to create programs that will move your local target audience to action.

One Nation. 360 View.

Need a national view of your consumer base? Use Nielsen Scarborough National Market Studies to examine national demographics and compare your local market to the rest of the U.S. adult population. By understanding the bigger national picture, you can identify country-wide trends and evaluate marketing opportunities across markets. Measuring 210,000 American consumers annually provides detailed insights into your target consumer.

Hispanic Market Studies

Hispanics are a rapidly-growing consumer group and Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Market Studies deliver actionable insights into this unique demographic by analyzing local markets with the most heavily concentrated Hispanic populations. Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic market research services include the Nielsen Scarborough Local Market Hispanic Studies as well as the Hispanic Multi-Market Study.

Sports Marketing

Nielsen provides the local and national perspectives that your company needs to score high among sports, leagues, teams and fans. Use these insights to develop more targeted marketing strategies to better reach your fans, develop promotions and sponsorships and increase ticket and merchandise sales.

Puerto Rico Market Study

Interested in expanding your business into Puerto Rico? What about taking your Puerto Rico business in other U.S. markets? Nielsen Scarborough Puerto Rico Market Study can not only be compared to our total U.S. database, but it helps clients gain a deeper understanding of the media, brand and consumer behaviors of the dynamic consumers of Puerto Rico, as well as attitudinal insights and consumer package good usage information.