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Enhanced Data Services

As the local experts, Scarborough, now a Nielsen service, is committed to providing you with a complete picture of your target consumer. In order to examine audiences based on your most specific needs, we partner with different trusted data providers so that you can cross reference our fundamental local consumer data with an even wider array of behavior and lifestyle measurements.

Nielsen Scarborough Attitudinal Modules provides you with insights into what motivates the American consumer and our Segmentation Systems group consumers based on similar interests, tastes and behaviors. By subscribing to one or all of these enhanced data services, your Nielsen Scarborough data becomes nearly limitless in scope; and since we choose our partnerships carefully, you can be confident that the quality of the data you receive is held to the Nielsen standard of excellence.


Attitudinal Module

Our Attitudinal Module combines attitudinal data points with Nielsen Scarborough local and national databases. This service brings the WHY to our WHO, WHAT and WHERE insights into the American consumer.

Segmentation Systems

Our Segmentation Systems operate on the theory that people with similar tastes, lifestyles and behaviors seek others with the same tastes. Segments are captured by catchy names, images and behavior snapshots that summarize complex consumer profiles.