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PRIME Lingo® Software


Discover Actionable Data Insights

Unlock insights on your target audiences, markets and categories with Nielsen's user-friendly, web-based platform, PRIME Lingo software.

PRIME Lingo Software Overview:

Shine a light on your audience or consumer segment by using Nielsen's  PRIME Lingo software to increase your efficiency and ability to leverage our data with a simplified interface and features without sacrificing the ability to perform in-depth analytics. PRIME Lingo’s software offers features for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, so your entire team will be able to benefit from our insights on local and national levels.

Software Capabilities:

  • A Web-Based Interface accessed via a unique login at
  • A GO! Guide helps first-time or novice users access the insights they need by selecting from a library of pre-created reports.
  • Quick View Reports generate an instant profile of your target against a selected category. The profile is displayed in a presentation-ready graphic that clearly tells your target’s story against your selected category.
  • Profiler allows you to examine key demographic groups, a particular media or specific products or services by any of the Nielsen Scarborough 2,000 categories available.
  • Trender provides a quick and easy way to track demographic, media or consumer behaviors over time.
  • Mean, Median and Totals offer quick access to pre-created calculations for 100+ categories including demographics, shopping and media usage to easily understand the power of your target consumer.
  • Media Rankers allow you to sort any media by average or cume audiences against a specific target.
  • Reach & Frequency offers the opportunity to create multi-media schedules against specific targets and evaluate performance by reach, frequency, impressions, GRP’s and CPM.
  • Trade Area Builder allows you to geo-target with the creation of a zip code defined area.
  • Mapping Capabilities provides an interface with various mapping software systems to better view and analyze qualitative characteristics by geographic areas.
  • Graphing Functions help quickly output data insights into a variety of charting options.
  • Cloud promotes information sharing among multiple users inside and outside your organization.
  • Customer Support & Training by calling 1-855-807-2272.