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Nielsen Local Nav

Introducing Nielsen Local Nav™- Quick local insights for a fast-paced world.

Navigate Your Way Through Local

Are you looking for quick access to local market insights that will help in your sales, marketing planning and new business efforts? Nielsen Local Nav is a DIY web-based research tool that enables you to easily profile a market and provides you with presentation-ready graphics.

At Nielsen, we know the locals better than anyone else. We’ve been measuring them for over 40 years and Nielsen Local Nav is just one of the services we offer to understand the locals. Our team of analysts has taken our core insights into consumer behavior for many of our local markets and created an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool to help with your marketing and research needs.

This new service allows you to look at over 100 valuable local categories across 77 markets and compare them to the national average. The Local Nav service is designed to act as a complement to the Nielsen Scarborough local market service, giving customers an extra resource for pulling insights and graphics for analysis, presentations, pitches and more.  


Understand in just minutes, the internet shopping behaviors of consumers in Albany, NY or the radio program preferences of consumers in Seattle, WA. Gain insights into auto purchase plans, sports interest, coupon usage that can help inform your marketing plans. Also, Nielsen Local Nav data points and presentation-ready charts are easy to export, allowing for instant review, analysis and presentation development. Simply chose the data you want to export and save it to "My Market Data" for download. It is easy to choose data from multiple markets or just one.

Because understanding how consumers access and rely on digital technology has becoming essential to business decision making today, Nielsen Local Nav includes access to a digital index. The Scarborough Digital Index is calculated from several different digital behaviors that together provide a measure of that market’s “connectedness.” The Scarborough Digital Index is there for an instant evaluation and apples-to-apples comparison of multiple markets. Like Nielsen Scarborough data, the Digital Index is updated twice a year.

Insights available through Nielsen Local Nav span five categories including: Demographics, Digital Media, Traditional Media, Lifestyle and Shopping. Detailed information is available for the categories below for Nielsen Local Nav Subscribers.


  • Personal
  • Household
  • Wage Earning
  • Residence

Digital Media

  • Internet Usage
  • Device Usage
  • Telecom Choices


  • TV Viewing
  • Dayparts
    - Type of Programs
    - Broadcast and Cable Stations Watched
    - Video on Demand
    - Sports Watched on TV
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
    - Profile of Radio Formats
    - Radio Listening Over the Internet
    - Ways Listened to Radio
    - Sports Radio
  • Out of Home


  • Beverage/Alcohol
  • Sports Fans
  • Eating Out/Restaurant
  • Eco-Friendly Activities
  • Travel
  • Items Owned/ Plan to Buy
  • Automotive
  • Health
  • Banking/Investments


  • Stores Shopped
    - Games/Toys
    - Music/Video
    - Bookstores
    - Convenience Stores
    - Health/Beauty
    - Places Shopped
    - Clothing
    - Major Department Stores
  • Coupons
  • Food & Grocery
  • Shopping Behaviors
    - Internet
    - Mail Ads
    - Amount Spent on Internet Purchases


Nielsen Local Nav can be purchased through a monthly or yearly subscription. All monthly subscriptions can be purchased online through the Nielsen Local Insights Store.  If you have more questions or would like to purchase an annual subscription, email us at or call us at 855-807-2272.

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